Breast Lift

Self-perception and awareness is essential to our overall well-being as humans and a positive self-image is necessary to have good psychological health. Breast shape and size are an inherent component of a woman’s feeling of femininity, vitality and personal beauty. The shape of the female breasts can change during the various stages of a woman’s life leading to a loss of suppleness and firmness.

Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren M. Lent has many years experience in the Brest Lift procedure that can correct Ptosis of the breast. Ptosis of the breasts, or breast sagging, is diagnosed and graded by the position of the nipple and its distance from the fold under the breast, called the Inframammary Fold. It is very important for your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon to determine your grade of Ptosis as this will help determine your treatment process. Breast Lift procedure is performed by a highly qualified, Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren M. Lent, and it could restore the youthful vitality to your breasts.

Good candidates for a Breast Lift include women whose:

  • Breast shape has changed from pregnancy and/or breast-feeding.
  • Breast shape that changed from weight loss.
  • Breast tissue that has lost its tone and is now sagging.

There is the concern of nipple sensitivity after undergoing the procedure and Dr. Warren Lent takes this into great consideration. With skillful hands and experience, Dr. Lent’s procedure keeps the nipple attached to the underlying breast tissue and its penetrating nerves and blood vessels, which allows for preservation of nipple sensitivity. As with any procedure, there are risk and complications that can occur. At our surgery center in Beverly Hills, patient safety is a top priority, and any concerns can be discussed during a consultation.

Many women not only want their breasts to be lifted, but they want them enlarged as well. Beverly Hills breast surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, can perform Breast Augmentation at the same time as your Breast Lift. To understand all of your options, you can schedule a full consultation with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent here.

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