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Beverly Hills Forehead Lift/Brow Lift

The forehead lift, or brow lift, surgery is a very popular Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery procedure. Dr. Warren Lent, Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon uses skillful techniques to correct drooping brows, and improve horizontal lines and furrows on the forehead that develop from recurring frowning.

All the years of showing facial emotion, from creasing your brows together in a scowl to raising your eyebrows in astonishment, take a toll on your forehead. The wrinkles and the drooping brows become more noticeable. There are essentially two components to the aging forehead; skin modification resulting in wrinkles and change in position of the eyebrows.

Gravity causes eye brows to droop because the soft tissues of the forehead lose their strength over time. This causes the brows to drift downward, below the frame of the forehead bone, and can even intrude onto the upper eyelids. Treatment restores the eyebrows to their natural position just above the frame of the eyes.

Understanding the causes helps patients more easily understand the basis for treatment recommendations. The first stage of treatment is with “Injectables” that either “fill” in areas, such as Restylane and Collagen, or “paralyze” and relax the muscles like Botox. Both options are only provisional solutions and wear off within months. A permanent solution requires a surgical procedure called a Forehead Lift or Brow Lift. Dr. Warren Lent, Beverly Hills Board Certified surgeon, has consistently been recognized for his outstanding work and experience with these procedures. A Forehead Lift includes a combination of removing the muscles that cause the wrinkles and smoothing out the area of the involved skin. Wrinkles may also be treated Laser Skin Resurfacing, an outstanding way of erasing lines, as it instigates the body into creating fresh collagen.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, has developed specialized methods and talents, which allow for his patients to have natural, graceful result. Following the procedure, friends and family likely to ask, “What is different about you? Are you getting more rest?” or “Are you on some type of new health program?” This is the best testament to a natural looking result.

Forehead/Brow Lifts are generally considered to be safe procedures, however like all medical treatments, there are some risks. These include bleeding, infection, muscle paralysis, skin damage and the risks of anesthesia.

Forehead Lifts are an excellent way to restore youthful, fresh appearance, but there are other options available to improve the appearance of your face. Laser Eyelid Surgery can improve the appearance of your eyes; a Face Lift can restore a youthful appearance to the lower face and neck; Dr. Lent has performed thousands of these procedures with great success.

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