Face Lift

As we age, the process begins to show on our body, especially our face. There are several common features that can be seen in everyone:

Facial fat loss that protrudes the cheekbones

A downward, inner movement of the cheek tissue

Flattening of the upper cheeks

Deepening of the Nasolabial fold creases

Hanging of skin and fat around the jaw line, called jowls

Loose skin around the neck and the formation of bands of fat

These changes are from a loss of the elasticity in soft tissues and skin of the face and gravity. A facelift procedure, called a Rhytidectomy in medical terms, is a plastic surgery procedure which is intended to correct the features of an aging face. In the procedure, skin and soft tissues are repositioned to their natural location in an up and back direction, tightening excess skin, repairing the underlying muscle.

Dr. Warren Lent, a double Board Certified  Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon, takes great care to perform the Face Lift procedure, ensuring each patient has a naturally fresh look. Many of his patients receive compliments from Family members and friends saying they ‘look great!’ but don’t know why. His patients look younger and rejuvenated without that a ‘pulled’, artificial look.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Warren Lent is known for his meticulous closure of all incisions to provide the best healing possible.

A Rhytidectomy, or Face Lift, is generally a safe surgical procedure, but like all medical treatment, there are risks which can include bleeding, nerve injury, infection, and the risk of anesthesia. Under Dr. Lent capability and care every effort will be made to prevent and minimize risk to make your outcome a successful one.

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