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Do you feel like your ears are too big? Do they stick out from the sides of your head? Have you been teased and traumatized because of the shape of your ears? Dr. Warren Lent, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, has been performing the solution to this problem for years. The size and shape of the ear is dependent on the “cup and fold” structure of the underlying cartilage. A rubbery, semi-rigid substance, cartilage is used in the body to create structures with flexibility. If a person is born with too much cupping and not enough folds, or vice versa, the ear will be forced away from the head, protruding forward, giving the appearance of being too large or sticking out.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, performs this plastic surgery procedure to correct this problem is called an Otoplasty, but may be more commonly known as an “ear pinning” or “ear reshaping”. The goal of Otoplasty is to create balanced, symmetrical ears which are shapely and positioned well in relationship to the head. An Otoplasty is intended to redesign the cartilage framework, reshaping the “cups and folds” of an ear. This is done by a mixture of creating new folds with permanent sutures, reducing surplus cartilage and relocating the entire ear complex.

Candidates for an ‘Ear Pinning’ procedure include people who have:

  • Abnormally large ear structures
  • An imbalance between the size of the ears and the rest of the face
  • A desire to re-balance the composition of the face

The external ear, also called the Pinna, is often an ignored component of a balanced facial appearance. These structures come in all shapes and sizes and can transform over time. In many cultures the appearance of the ear is adorned with jewelry to attract admiration. Similarly, the size and shape of the ears can attract negative attention, causing psychological pain when their size and shape are abnormal. This is especially true of young children who have to endure the taunts of playmates. For children the procedure, when performed at an appropriate early age, can prevent years of difficulty in school and social situations.

Though typically a safe procedure, there are some risks associated with this procedure which include infection, bleeding, asymmetry and the risk of anesthesia. Highly skilled Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, takes extreme care to significantly minimize these risks.

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