Nose surgery, known as Rhinoplasty, is a procedure that is offered to people who are interested in changing the appearance of their nose. Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent is an extremely efficient and successful surgeon that performs this procedure in Beverly Hills.

Our face has many features, but the nose is the most prominent. The shape and size of our nose controls our entire appearance. A balanced appearance in our face is dependent on the how well the nose fits in harmony with our facial features in its entirety. If a nose is excessively large or excessively small for the face, it will seem out of place or asymmetric. Even with the nose being properly sized,  the separate parts of the nose can influence the overall appearance of the face and the nose will appear out of order with the rest of the face. The nose can achieve this appearance for many reasons: trauma, genetics, or previous surgery can all contribute to the asymmetrical appearance of the nose. An attractive appearance is accomplished when the nose is position well and is proportionate, both in the individual parts and with the rest of the face. Beverly Hills Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, has helped many happy patients achieve fabulous improvements, with their self-image and self-confidence, with his distinctively artistic approach to Rhinoplasty.

Is Rhinoplasty right for you? A Rhinoplasty procedure is appropriate for:

-     Nasal deformities

-     An asymmetrical nose

-     Traumatic history with the nose.

-     Breathing difficulty

-    A disproportionate nose in relation to the face, both too large and too small

-    Previous nasal procedures

The first step for a Rhinoplasty procedure is the most important – the initial full consultation with Dr. Warren Lent. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lent will carefully and meticulously evaluate your nose and the composition of your face, determining precisely where the problem areas are. Creating a pre-operative plan is necessary to achieve the most successful outcome of Rhinoplasty and obtain all of the benefits.

Cartilage and bone are primarily what tissue composes the nose and its shape. These structures are what altered and will give your nose the new look you have been looking for. This operation can be performed through an “open” approach, where the nose is operated with a long open incision, or “closed” approach, where the nose is operated on through the nasal passage.

When the procedure is completed, external dressing is applied and is usually a splint. This dressing and splint is removed approximately a week after the procedure. Packing is sometimes put inside the nose for controlling post-procedure bleeding. Packing can be removed two to three days after the operation. Some swelling, bruising in the cheek and eyelids can occur.

No person’s nose is exactly the same, so a full evaluation and consultation by Dr. Lent, defining your nasal and facial features, is highly recommended. To better understand your options, you can schedule a full consultation with Dr. Warren Lent by filling out


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