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Many times, the thighs are overlooked as an area for plastic surgery. Accommodating the largest muscles in our body, the thighs can develop fatty deposits and redundant skin. The thighs are particularly prone to fat build up and loose skin that develop over time. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, ligaments lose their stretching ability and gravity affects our bodies more and more. Skin on the thigh is particularly prone to these changes taking greater effect as thigh skin is thinner than any other skin found on the body. Weight gain adds to this process as the extra skin tension further thins and stretches the skin. With significant weight loss, the problem can become very noticeable and somewhat embarrassing. In Beverly Hills, a plastic surgery procedure by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Warren Lent, known as a Thigh Lift, can offer a great option to having these issues corrected, creating a more youthful, younger look in your legs.
Is a Thigh Lift procedure right for you? Candidates have:

-    Had extreme weight loss

-    Extra skin on their outer and inner thighs

-    Experienced rashes chronically from rubbing

-    Hygiene issues that need constant attention

-    Difficulty finding properly fitting clothes

-    Been a recipient of a Gastric Bypass Procedure

Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, will conduct a meticulous evaluation of you and your bodies needs.

During a Thigh Lift procedure, the excess skin from either the outer or inner thigh is detached by making incisions in the groin area, where the natural creases form. Placing the incision in this area helps with healing and the possibility of visible scars. The incision can extend fully or partially around the perimeter of the thigh. The skin is then re-attached giving a tighter more firm fit of the skin around the thigh area. Exercise, heavy lifting and excessive physical activity are too be avoided for up to 2 months after the Thigh Lift procedure.

Women or men, who are looking to tighten and firm their thighs, should consider a Thigh Lift procedure, Liposuction, or a combination of the two procedures, to achieve their physical aspirations.

To better understand your options, or answer any questions you may have, schedule a full plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Warren Lent at his Beverly Hills Surgery Center, today!


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